CAL (Command application launcher)
CAL is a piece of software that sits quietly on your system until you activate it via the keyboard hot-key you designate. The default hot-key combination is "Ctrl+Alt". You may change this in the configuration dialog easily.

Once the launch window is open you may then type shortcuts to open documents/apps/folders/web pages/etc from your computer.  Once you type the correct shortcut and press the enter key CAL will attempt to find this shortcut in the list of custom launches you have created or launch packs you have installed and enabled.

If none are found it will then attempt to search your "All Programs" (Disable in configuration dialog) folder shortcuts for this shortcut typed and launch that if found. 

Finally, if any of those fail to return any results CAL will then finally attempt to pass the information to Windows to see if launching this is a valid path.

If the launch was successful then you will hear the good launch sound.  If it fails then you will hear the bad launch sound.  Disable sounds in configuration window.
  • Configurable Hot-Key
  • Drop-Down Auto-Complete List
  • Skin-able Launch Window (Easily make your own)
  • Custom launches with parameter, start in, and open mode options
  • Index "All Programs" shortcuts
  • File/Folder Browsing with Auto-Complete Drop Down
  • Track most used shortcuts with run count
  • Enable/Disable shortcuts
  • Ctrl+Enter, Alt+Enter, and Shift+Enter will forward your command to a custom web address you specify
  • Automatically checks for updates or use the application menu.
  • Explorer Context Menu (Known issue with Windows 2000, read release notes)
  • Import/Export, Create, and Edit Launch Packs
  • More to come...
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-Download Launch Packs
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